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INUP Participant at IISc wins the best student paper award in SPIE Photonics Europe 2010

Renil Kumar, Research Scholar fron SSN College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, is executing his research project at CEN facility on IISc Campus under INUP. His work on "Widely tunable multi wavelength channel drop filter on (110) oriented SOI wafer by anisotropic wet etching" has won him the best student paper award in the Conference session on Silicon Photonics & Integrated Optics SPIE Photonics Europe 2010 conference held in Brussels from April 12-16,2010. This is an INSPEC listed and indexed conference. The conference had 19 simultaneous conference sessions and from each of this session they have identified one best student paper. His work competed with 24 other poster papers from Italy, France, US, China etc in the same session which had a total of 74 papers. Photonics Europe onsite news page (Wednesday) giving listing of the award winners now displays the name of Sivasubramaniya Nadar College(the parent institute of the participant) among some of the other top ranking universities in the field of Photonics like Stanford, Technical University Denmark, Ecole Poly Technique etc. The award carries a prize money of 50 Euros, free 1 year SPIE student membership and 50 free downloads from SPIE Digital Library.

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INUP Participant at IISc from IIT Guwahati files Patent based on work carried out at CEN

N. Ramakrishnan, research Scholar from IIT, Guwahati, filed a patent on the basis of work carried out by him at IISc under INUP. The details of the patent are-- N. Ramakrishnan, Harshal B. Nemade, Roy Paily Palathinkal, "High aspect ratio resonant structures in surface acoustic wave devices" Indian Patent Filed (No: 822/KOL/2009).

The communication from Ramakrishnan thanking INUP/CEN team at IISc says "We are quite successful with the work carried out under INUP at CEN. I am highly thankful for the same. The results are highly contributing to my PhD thesis. Presently the work carried under INUP contributed to one of our patent filed."

INUP Participant at IISc from SSN College of Engineering,Tamilnadu,has won Photonics 2004 Endowment Award

Mr.Renil Kumar Research Scholar from SSN College of Engineering has won the Photonics 2004 Endowment Award for his paper entitlied "Low loss optical channel drop filters based on high contrast si/air photonic crystals by wet anisotropic etching",in the post Photonics 2010 international conference on fiber optics and photonics held at IIT Guwahati in December 2010. His paper has won the best device oriented paper award in the post Photonics 2010.

Mr.Renil Kumar has Executed the device Fabrication at CEN facility on IISc Campus under INUP.

Photonics 2004 Endowment Prize is instituted by International School of Photonics, CUSAT and NeST Photonics, Cochin for the best device-based paper presented in the Oral/Poster session of the Photonics Conference held once in every two years in India.

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